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Rock climbing as a tool

for change in Venezuela

about us


Tepui Project started in 2014 during a rock climbing expedition to Auyan Tepui, a table-top mountain in Venezuela that is home to the highest waterfall on earth, Angel Falls.

After several days immersed in the local culture and surrounded by the beauty of the great outdoors, the team realized sustainable tourism was the answer to the many problems this region was facing, such as food shortages and  illegal mining. 

As a first step, they decided to continue exploring the area to better understand its tourism potential. They went back to Auyan Tepui, but they also visited Roraima Tepui and Akopan Tepui.

After all those trips, in 2018 Tepui Project evolved to become a platform that not only promotes sustainable tourism, but more broadly promotes climbing as a tool for development.



  • Support the national climbing team

  • Develop a national climbing circuit to incentivize new generations of climbers

  • Position Venezuela as a world-class climbing destination, training indigenous porters so they can become climbing guides, supporting sustainable tourism initiatives in their communities, and creating a repository of information on Venezuelan climbing

  • Organize community climbing days to bring children and youth from communities around our local crags to the sport


                             Check out                           magazine's story

          "The Murder of Venezuela's Visionary Adventure Guide

                                                                                        by Mike Meyer 


Photo by Gustavo Moser

IFMGA Guide, Eduardo "El Chino" Rojas, cruising Yellow Submarine - Top of Auyan Tepui, Canaima National Park, Venezuela. 
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Gustavo Moser

Eduardo Moser

Jose G. Garcia

Federico Pisani

Leopoldo Moser

Gabriela Aguerrevere

Francois Montalant

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Atilio Ferrando


Florym Macedo


Adolfo Bueno



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Alan Segulin

Alberto Cantor

Alejandro Molero

Alex Ayuso

Alex Hibert

Ana Pisani

Anabella Borges Zingg

Andres Ayuso

Andres Fuenmayor

Andres Gonzalez

Andres Lafont

Andres Monsalve

Andrew Ching

Arnaldo Arnal

Carlos Escotet

Carlos Ignacio Tovar

Carlos Imery

Carola Perez

Colin Rex

Daniel Mamopulakos

Daniel Mora

Diego Dominguez

Dylan Alvarez

Eduardo Rojas

Elias Palacios

Ernesto Grossmann

Erick Marquez

Ex Pow-anpongkul

Fabrizio Goria

Fernanda Silva

Francisco Layrisse

Freddy Vergara

Gabriel Hruskovec

Gabriela Carratú

Gabriela Madrid

Gaby Luna Frias

Geraldine Roso

Gisel Cesin

Gustavo Pocho Moser

Helena Carpio

Ignacio Baquero

Irene Irazabal

Irene Loreto

Isabel y Jean Montalant

James Setterlund

Jason Hill

Javier Brin

Jeremy Balboni

Jeremy Thomley

Jose Lezama

Juan Andres Arteaga

Julie Huang

Justin Cooter

Leith Almashal

Leo Aldrey

Lisa Chase

Lisa Huston

Liz Carrasquel

Mandy Mei

Marcela Colmenares

Maria Cecilia Rojas

Maria Fumero

Maria Victoria Galia

Matteo Della Bordella

Michelle Betancourt

Michael Fisher

Michael Meyer

Nelson Garrido

Nico Armas

Nikolas Wasylkowski

Orlando Osorio

Oriana Ferrer

Rachel Meyer

Rafael Bracho

Roberto Gay

Rolando Garcia

Sarah Palmer

Silvia Itriago

Sofi Kelesarian

Tomas Sanabria

Vanessa Beckhoff

Vanessa Schonhoff

Victoria Vicens

Wojcieh Wandzel 

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